Heaven is within you.
Perhaps still somewhat buried under a carpet
of thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs,
but heaven is within you.
More than that, heaven is you.
Heavenly Inspirations is there
to remind you of your unique light,
your soul, and deeper your essence, your blueprint, your god spark, your true nature
or whatever name you want to give it, and to support you,
in releasing old – sometimes unconscious – memories and energies,
that are stored in and around your body.
So that, step by step,
at your own pace, you can come home to yourself,
present in a relaxed way in your body,
your sacred temple,
from where you can experience your true self
in every moment of the day
in all the small and big things you do,
and transfer that into the world as a beacon of light, inspiration and love
for everyone around you.
With many, we are in this way building a new world together
of unity, togetherness, human warmth,
creativity, respect and connection, a new earth.
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About us

In our workshops and individual sessions, we create a safe environment in which what is subconsciously dormant in you is allowed to surface at your own pace so that it can heal and start to flow. This expands your consciousness, and you can allow life a little more each time. Your heart opens and from there you create a fulfilling life for yourself and everyone around you. We love getting you in touch with your soul, deeper layers of feeling and the silence that you are deep inside.