Basics book: The Call of the Universe (Looking for a translator!)

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We are looking for someone who is passionate or at least has an affinity with our healing work or similar healing work to translate the books into English. Especially in the first book there are many meditations for which a detailed knowledge of English is needed to correctly translate the texts and the atmosphere behind them with the necessary sensitivity. The 3 workbooks can also be translated, possibly in joint work with Stefan. Contact Stefan in case of interest.

In it, you will find a number of initiatory meditations on the main points of the system that lie along your main energy axis along your spine. The meditations also describe a number of cosmic principles and laws, and show you a possible initiation path to your essence. You will also find a number of flow sequences related to the main points, which are combinations of ley line points that help the light flow better through this main energy axis.

This book is available in German and Dutch:

Dutch: De Roep van het Universum – Inwijding in het planetaire leylijnenhelingsveld 

German: Ruf des Universums  

The books can be ordered directly from the printer (epubli) via the links above. However, we also always have a stock that we bring to the workshops if you find that easier. You can also collect from our home, or we can send them (with postage) as well.