Open ley lines day

Ley Lines day event
from10 March 2024 : 10:00
to10 March 2024 : 17:00

Welcome to our open ley lines day in Region Gent/De Pinte. On such an open ley lines day, we do not work with a theme or a predetermined programme, but we tune in to the group and choose on the spot current flows that support the group most strongly. As always, no prior knowledge is…

Year Training Ley Lines Healing 22/23 Part 10 (finale!)

ley lines weekend
from23 March 2024 : 10:00
to24 March 2024 : 17:00
de Lotuspoort (Bornem)

Part 10 of the Leylines Practitioner year training course. This is a closed training group. However, a new training group will start in April 2024. Further info and information about it can be found here: Year training Leylines – Heavenly Inspirations (

heaven Within!

3 days
from5 April 2024 : 10:00
to7 April 2024 : 17:00
Allenberg Scherpenheuvel

Heaven is already in you, moreover, you are already heaven!

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