We offer various forms of healing including leylines healing, intuitive healing and healing-reading.

More info on the leylines healing system can be found in the article The Leylines Healing System.

Each healing is unique and tailored to the person receiving it.

For a session, it is best to wear comfortable clothing. During a session you will be gently touched on places on and around your body.

A session consists of a pre-conversation (if you wish), the actual healing and of course some aftercare. You can come with a particular theme or intention, but this is not strictly necessary.

A typical session lasts 60 or 90 minutes. So please indicate the length of the session in advance. If you have a lot to share, it is best to book a 90-minute session so that there is enough time for the actual healing.

Please note: healing is there to support you. We are not doctors, so we advise you to always consult a qualified doctor in case of complaints.