Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your core values?

Are you happy in your life? Are you in touch with your deeper self? Have you already discovered your passion(s) and are you living them, or what is still in the way – consciously or unconsciously?

What projects, big or small, do you want to gift to yourself and to the world? Together we look at what in your inner and outer world wants to be developed and what might still be in the way. This can be on all levels, practical (physical), emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Although the various healing sessions also include time for coaching, the emphasis here is almost entirely on the conversation and the coaching. As a coach, we look at your question with you and from our life experience, our creative ability, but also from our attunement and empathy, we will search for other solutions, steps and other ways of looking at your question than the ones you can see yourself at the moment. Therein often lie your opportunities for growth and development. How you deal with this, which choices you make and which steps you eventually take from what emerges in the conversations, is of course only up to you.

It can range from simple practical questions to complex life questions and the nature of your question will partly determine whether several sessions are needed.

Healing is often a welcome addition and can help uncover and clear unconscious underlying mechanisms.

These sessions can also take place online.