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Year Training Leylines Practitioner

We are delighted to introduce the renewed Ley lines Practitioner year training in Belgium! 

It is a deep and transformative year-long course where you will learn to work with the ley lines healing system over 10 weekends in a fixed group of enthusiastic people. 

We will cover the 4 ley handbooks (from the library on our website) but you will also get a lot of extra practical information because we particularly like to share our experience with you (e.g. how to read a body, how to deal with things that show up in a session, what is a good table, setting up your practice, …)

At the end of the course, you can call yourself a Leylines Practitioner and you will be able to give healing to someone in a professional and responsible way.

It can be the stepping stone to your own practice, or a powerful extra tool for coaches, healers, light and consciousness workers, or for anyone who wants to offer support to others in one way or another.

This track is also followed by people who do not necessarily want to start supporting people but can also be followed as a deep personal development track.

The dates are now fixed and are:

  • 20 and 21 April 2024
  • 1 and 2 June 2024
  • 7 and 8 Sep 2024
  • 19 and 20 October 2024
  • 16 and 17 November 2024
  • 11 and 12 January 2025
  • 22 and 23 February 2025
  • 22 and 23 March 2025
  • 3 and 4 May 2025
  • May 31 en June 1, 2025

No prior knowledge is needed to use this system. After all, most of the things that life gives us are simple. So anyone can learn it, from the beginner taking their first steps into the world of lightwork, to the experienced therapist looking to add a powerful supportive technique to their tool box.

Moreover, the system has the beautiful feature that you walk through your processes at your own pace. It is your own light (your “Higher Self”) that determines how fast it goes without overloading you. The energies that are released do need to be processed and that is best done at a pace that is suitable for you.

Although the system functions on its own, there are of course touching points with other systems such as chakra psychology, general psychology, mainstream medicine, and other energetic healing systems (think e.g. reading, channelling, regression, working with minerals, herbs, plant medicine,…). Ley lines healing is complementary for people already working with other systems.

It is one of the highest vibrating energy systems currently being made available for healing and building up the light bodies of humans, and in that sense it also strongly supports the movement towards the new times, one in which humanity becomes aware again that we all come from the same source. Once the illusion of separateness, power, struggle and oppression is pierced, the way opens up on earth to a society that every normal human being dreams of: of connectedness, respect, cooperation and so much more. The leyline healing system is a powerful facilitator of this process for those who want to actively participate in it.

Training content

  • The 10-weekend training lasts a little over a year.
  • We give great importance to establishing a safe, open and relaxing energy field during these weekends, in which everyone can be themselves and learn at their own pace to the maximum.
  • Participating in this year-long programme goes far beyond the 10 weekends alone. Throughout the year, even outside the weekends, you are in a healing and transforming energy field that purifies your personal field.
  • No prior knowledge is required, we start from zero and build up step by step.
  • You will learn to work with the leyline system for yourself and for others.
  • During the training, we are happy to share a lot of practical tips and tricks that we have accumulated from our rich experience. 
  • We also pay attention to how to give a session at home including intake and follow-up.
  • There is not only attention to the leyline system itself, but also to the different ways in which you can choose an appropriate flow sequence for those you treat. 
  • During the weekends we practice upon each other, and by changing groups regularly you learn to sense energies better in different people.
  • You will also find that during this training your feelings and intuition will further blossom. You will become more receptive and sensitive to energies.
  • We are always available if you have any questions about the content or your personal process. For the latter, we can always support you through individual sessions if you wish (these are separate from the training).
  • The locations are not yet fixed, but are in Flanders anyway. Quite a few weekends will take place in the Ghent region and the Antwerp region. We previously have also been to Westerlo.  We always plan 2-3 weekends ahead. As soon as the venues are booked, they will be updated on the website. 
  • We reserve the right to move weekends in case of unexpected events beyond our control (illness as an example). We then strive to find a replacement date that suits everyone but obviously hope this is not necessary.

For whom

As mentioned, there can be different motivations for joining the year-long programme, but here are a few common ones:

  • You already have a practice, whether in energetic work or not, and want to add a powerful technique to your tool box.
  • You want to learn to give healings.
  • You would like to support your family and friends.
  • You want a simple technique to support yourself.
  • To further deepen and transform your personal process. You want to meet yourself on a deeper level. 

Have a look at the website at “Why lightwork” to get a further idea where lightwork supports you.

Prices and practical arrangements

  • The training will be conducted in Dutch and German
  • The price for the full training is 2000 Euro incl. VAT (200 Euro per weekend). Included are coffee and refreshments. Not included are lunches, books and any additional individual sessions. 
  • Any overnight stays near the workshop need to be arranged by yourself.
  • During the full duration of the course, you can participate in all other full day or multi-day workshops of Heavenly Inspirations in this period with a 20% discount. This discount does not apply to e.g. lectures, individual treatments and workshops shorter than 1 day.
  • Those who repeat the annual training within the 3 years (e.g. as a deepening) are subject to a 25% discount on the training price.
  • You can pay cash on the weekend itself or subscribe in advance.
  • Participating in this year-long programme is a deliberate choice and a commitment to complete the programme in full. That is why we want to make the clear agreement that when you participate, you commit yourself to the full programme and therefore owe us the full amount, even if you decide to leave the programme early (which, of course, we do not expect). A fixed group with a strong commitment also guarantees a feeling of safety and security, in which we carry each other together and furthermore, it practically allows us to book the right rooms for the duration of the entire course.  Exceptions are of course illnesses supported by a doctor’s certificate.
  • In case of unexpected illness for a weekend during the training, you may choose 1 time a replacement weekend or 2 separate 1-day workshops within the year to the extent available.
  • Invoicing (if required) is once per calendar year after payment of weekends for that year.


If you have successfully attended at least 8 of the 10 weekends, you will receive the certificate of “Leylines Practitioner”.  Successful participation implies that in addition to attending the weekends, you complete small homework assignments on time and, more towards the end of the training, make some reports of sessions you have given at home.

Further questions and information

If you have further questions: feel free to contact us.

Do you feel attracted but have no previous experience with leyline healing? Then come and have a taste at one of our monthly evenings, or individual workshops. An individual treatment is of course also possible.