Why Lightwork?


Light and energy work supports you, among other things, to

  • Live more consciously.
  • To support physical discomforts, with the possibility to soothe, reduce or sometimes even dissolve them.
  • Being grounded in everyday life, being able to consciously make your own life choices and thus shape your life.
  • To be able to deal differently with often difficult events or themes in your life.
  • Break old habits and patterns.
  • Live more deeply in your body and increase your body awareness.
  • Live more from your heart and belly instead of from your head.
  • Live more in the moment, in the great NOW.
  • Become more in touch with your own feelings and power and make contact with who you really are.
  • Become more sensitive, also to subtle energies.
  • Open up multidimensionally.
  • Get in touch with the peace, quiet and joy-who-needs-no-reason that you are deep inside.
  • Be able to relax in yourself, in your true home, even more and more in everyday life.
  • Start or strengthen your creative flow.
  • Be able to live a fulfilling and more authentic life.
  • Realize a better energy flow in your body and thus to have for more life energy or sexual energy.
  • To raise your vibrational frequency.
  • To access your greater potential.

… and at so much more. 

So lightwork supports you on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.