The Leylines Healing System

Leylines Healing

From workbook 2

To better understand how the power of the ley lines works through our body system, here is some brief information:

The ley lines are light paths or rays of light that carry within them the possibility of expansion and diffusion. When the light can flow within us without obstacles, we are connected to the universe in our full power and in absolute harmony. Then we are light people living our lives in divine love in harmony with Mother Earth.

When the light does not flow in its full power, the light pathways narrow and then we have areas in our body that are not energetically fully infused with light.

By placing the hands on certain planetary points (see image), the ley lines are activated and we give an impulse that allows the ley lines to find their way back to their power of origin via the planetary, universal connection. This creates healing fields that re-flush less-flooded areas with light, triggering the healing process.

Universal light permeates our entire being: the physical, astral and causal bodies. Similarly, it flows through the five energetic bodies: the light body, the energetic body, the emotional body, the spiritual body and the joy body (the most subtle). Light flows through all layers without boundaries, allowing our whole being to enter the healing path. Light is man’s connection from heaven to earth. Light flows through our foot chakras to the light grids of Mother Earth, connecting everything into oneness.

Thus, ley lines are pulsating rays of light or trajectories of light in the universal rhythmic sound of the heartbeat of unity.


Let it be clear that the use of this system is never intended to perform medical procedures, which by the way is prohibited by law, but rather to provide valuable energetic support. Always seek guidance from a specialised doctor in case of complaints.


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