The Big transformation

Ley lines evening


from18 April 2024 : 19:30
to18 April 2024 : 22:00

A new leylines flow sequence that supports you during processes of transformation!


In these times when the light is coming into the planet stronger and stronger, it is inevitable that everyone consciously and/or unconsciously ends up in all kinds of processes of transformation.

Because light vibrates high and wants to release everything that feels heavy in you and remove it from your energetic field. These can be limiting beliefs, emotions that make you feel smaller than you actually are from your true nature, repetitive and/or chaotic or abundant streams of thoughts, and so much more. Anything that pulls you away from your authentic sense of yourself and keeps you from following the flow of life.

It can sometimes feel heavy or chaotic, but is generally a necessary birth process to let the light in you flow powerfully, and to come into deeper contact with your soul. And for this to happen, many programmes and beliefs that you have internalised on a personal level must first be transformed or released.

The great transformation flow is a new leyline flow that supports you to go through these transformative processes (often accelerated). This allows the chrysalis to develop into the beautiful butterfly with the unique colour palette that you are!

After a brief explanation, we will start flowing right away. You will receive the exercise afterwards. No prior knowledge is required, and for those who are new to this, it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with this healing energy.

Also for those considering joining the year training starting on 20 and 21 April, this is a great opportunity to dive into this beautiful energy, see also: Year training Leylines – Heavenly Inspirations (

If you have never participated in a ley lines workshop before and would like a word of explanation beforehand, please indicate this at registration, which can be done at 19h10. We will start flowing immediately at 19h30.

Register via the registration form below. For info, please call us directly at 0473791503.