deep healing of the root chacra

Ley lines evening


from16 May 2024 : 19:30
to16 May 2024 : 22:00

A flow sequence that greatly increases your vital life force!


The root chakra is the chakra that stands for security, strength and life energy, among other things. When your root chakra is open and energy can flow well, you have abundant sexual power (primarily in the sense of life force) and you feel at home with yourself and completely safe to express what is deep inside you, free from all possible judgements of others that may be involved.

When this chakra is open, your pelvic area can flow better, and you experience life more as a dance. The pelvis naturally becomes more supple and agile, allowing you to go more flexibly with the flow of life, which often runs very differently than you can imagine.

Recently, Jutta and her sister were given a number of currents that fit each of the 7 main chakras, and on this evening we will be working through the root chakra, so that conscious/and unconscious fears and other limiting emotions that hold you back from standing in your full power can dissolve.

After a brief explanation, we will start flowing right away. You will receive the exercise afterwards. No prior knowledge is required, and for those who are new to this, it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with this healing energy.

Also for those considering joining the year training starting on 20 and 21 April, this is a great opportunity to dive into this beautiful energy, see also: Year training Leylines – Heavenly Inspirations (

If you have never participated in a ley lines workshop before and would like a word of explanation beforehand, please indicate this at registration, which can be done at 19h10. We will start flowing immediately at 19h30.

Register via the registration form below. For info, please call us directly at 0473791503.