Summer Festival: The Power of your heart

four day workshop


from25 July 2024 : 10:00
to28 July 2024 : 17:00


There is a force from which the entire universe is built and which is most easily accessible to each of us through the gate of the heart.

She has been sung in songs and poems for centuries, expressing humanity’s deep desire to reconnect with its origin which is this universal force.

She has many names like God, the source, the All-One, the universal light, and so many more.

This force is who you deeply are. She acts entirely from the moment, averse to concepts, ideas, ideal images, patterns and beliefs and is both harmonious, peaceful, connecting, and direct, cutting and confronting.

It manifests more and more in your life as your energetic system releases old energies and memories from your cells so that your heart naturally opens more and your light body builds up.

In this 4-day workshop we take plenty of time to connect more deeply with the power of your beautiful heart through lightwork.

Through ley line healing, constellation work, energetic exercises, sharing circles, mediation and more, we invite you to let go of everything that is non-love at your own pace, so that the power of love may increasingly become your source of inspiration or red thread in everyday life.

And of course there will be plenty of time to connect, exchange and enjoy with a beautiful group of people, sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a tear…

Practical: bring your own lunch, we will provide coffee, tea, fruit and snacks. If you wish to stay nearby, we can send you a list of some nearby options.