heaven Within!

3 days


from5 April 2024 : 10:00
to7 April 2024 : 17:00

Heaven is already in you, moreover, you are already heaven!


Deep inside, we as humans long for a lasting form of happiness, joy, peace, harmony, connection and unity. We often seek this in the outside world by achieving goals and projects, fulfilling desires, and in many other ways. And although there is nothing wrong with that, we often find that what is achieved is of a very temporary nature. The fulfilling feeling is often gone in a flash after which you turn your attention back to the next achievement that you hope will bring lasting happiness. But nothing could be further from the truth, of course…

Lasting happiness can only be found deep inside yourself, because “Heaven Within”: Heaven is already within you!

So we walk the opposite path, so to speak, and focus our attention again and again with love and presence on our inner world, until we are so deeply connected to our true core of light that we spontaneously put into the world whatever arises in us, out of ease and from a natural flow of joy and peace. From an inexhaustible source of creativity. Heaven and earth then unite in you and you live what you have always been: “Heaven Within”.

In this three-day session, we will work with various techniques such as constellation work, leylines healing, meditation, energy exercises, sharing circles etc. in healing fields of light, so that you can, at your own pace, release limiting thoughts, emotions, beliefs etc. that are preventing you from bringing your unique self, your heaven, into the world.

Be welcome wondrous soul of light!