With a system filled with love and gratitude, I went home after the three days. Never before had I experienced this way of working. It was so beautiful and noticeable how Stefan and Jutta with their method indirectly invited me from the very beginning to sink into feeling, beyond “wanting to understand” what is happening. That was real gold for me. 

I experienced the space created by everyone as a space filled with love and safety in which I could completely surrender myself to feeling and experiencing what was allowed to arise.

There were encounters during the exercises that arose without the intervention of thought. Silent inside and full of curiosity I was observing what was allowed to arise…. In every moment. I felt my body moving and in full surrender I let it happen. From there, encounters with others arose who were then touched very gently. A touch that felt like magic, pure love, from where everything started moving again. Or eye contact with people I hadn’t met before and now feel like I’ve known them forever. 

Emotions also presented themselves that flowed through me uncontrollably. Everything was happening and I could only observe. It was so incredibly beautiful to witness it all. So much started to flow and it was so noticeable (also afterwards). I got a lot closer to myself again – what a gift!

And because of the way of working, I didn’t want to (or couldn’t) understand it all. That’s where the power lay for me. Beyond “understanding”, in surrender, there really is magic. 

Only love ❤️