Jutta en Stefan

Jutta-Linika Bodea Groß

My book of life

I hope that there are still many blank pages in my book of life.

I can only feel deep gratitude for all the pages that have already been written.

From page to page – from chapter to chapter – I was carried by the universal energy.

A big chapter of my life was – and is – emergency medicine. Being able to support people in acute medical emergencies as a nurse in an emergency room still makes me speak of a heartfelt work even after 25 years.

But I have also always been fascinated by energetic healing methods, knowing that healing can come from many different ways. Perhaps that is why our universal friends have activated the knowledge of the ley lines in my sister Daivika and me so that this healing system can be anchored in this world again.

Seeing the indescribable wonder of love in people’s eyes when they begin to feel “whole”in their healing process is my own personal universal gift. When the eyes, the mirror of our souls, begin to shine again and this light shines into every cell, allowing the human being to shine in its perfect beauty, we experience the moment when we feel at home in divine love.

In many chapters I was allowed to meet wonderful teachers who, each in their own way, made me experience the universal energies.

All the pages of my “book of life” have shown me that our universe consists of many puzzle pieces —— and that I am one of them. 

                          And so I know

                                                      “Beyond the horizon there is more”…

                                         from heart to heart

                                                             Jutta Bodea