Jutta en Stefan

Stefan Bottu

Who am I?

I am the father of 2 beautiful daughters Kaat and Fien and live together with my partner Jutta in the beautiful city of Mechelen, where, next to our “regular” job, we shape our practice in lightwork together.

These days I experience myself more and more as a channel of healing energy and light, passing on those frequencies that support you most strongly at the given moment. Sometimes through pure energy, sometimes through sound, images or information. Or just by conversation. I love to help you become aware of limiting beliefs through healing and coaching so you can leave them behind and bring your dreams and who you really are into the world more freely. Because when many people start doing this, a new world of connection and creativity is created that so many people are longing for. That world we must eventually find deep within ourselves first, because after all, it never went away, it just seems that way.

I get happy when people start living from their hearts again, and start feeling and realising that they are part of something big and indescribable. When they allow the magic back into their lives, which they may have known as children. So when they begin to come to the realisation that they themselves are the holy grail they may have been looking for so long. But equally when they take small steps forward that might make a world of difference in their lives.

I get happy when I see other people shine back. I try to live and share spirituality both from a mystical point of view, but equally in practical everyday life.

For those who are not familiar with lightwork, I always say: come and experience it in an individual session or during a workshop. Almost everyone is so open nowadays that they will feel and perceive the finer energies automatically (and even if they don’t, it will do its work!). On the contrary, it brings you bit by bit completely into the here and now from where you can consciously make the life choices that suit you and give you a deep sense of fulfilment and meaning. I would love to meet you πŸ˜Š!

a quick word about my journey…

Graduating in 1993 as a chemical engineer, I ended up in various positions in the business world at a large multinational company, mainly in logistics and supply chain. Many challenges and growth opportunities came my way there, but they also brought the corresponding stress. My body gave signals that I was running in the red, but I was not aware of that at the time.

in 2007, my body gave out and after many tests, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare stress cancer on the adrenal glands, which could be surgically removed in the nick of time thanks to a skilled and caring team of doctors and nurses (I still call them “angels”). But the tank of life energy was empty to the brim, and when I wanted to resume my life I noticed somewhere that it could no longer be done in the old way. But what needed to change?

I went one evening to a lecture on disease symbolism by Adriaan Van Zelst and the meaning of diseases and consider that evening a bit of a first wake-up moment. A new world opened up that attracted me like a magnet, and I followed several courses there on (disease) symbolism and the meaning of diseases. There I also got to know Transfigura or regeneration and later perfected it with Stanny Lansloot. It is a simple and powerful technique in which you release energy from the bones and let it flow through the body, releasing tensions and blockages. That was my first introduction to healing and I delved further into that technique through training with Stanny in Belgium and other countries. During that time, I also discovered my love for stones and minerals and their healing power, a real playground for me (sometimes much to the despair of my partner πŸ˜Š). For the first time, I felt I had discovered “the right direction”, and during that time my sensitivity to energy opened up, first in my own body and later also in other people while giving sessions.

I became aware that the stress in my body that had led to a cancer was connected to old memories in the cells (e.g. from childhood) that have a great influence on the behaviour, the way of looking and being in life (your consciousness), and that energy- and lightwork are powerful ways to clean up step by step the library that your body is, so that you can leave limiting beliefs behind, and you can come deeper to your core, more to who you really are. In our society, we are taught from an early age to think in limitations, whereas a happy life of abundance that suits you should be the norm. Body awareness has been the gateway to transformation for me. Meanwhile, I also took meditation courses, a basic year of “Truly Being Who You Are” at the Centre for Being Orientation and discovered healing constellation work with Hilde Van Bulck and Indra Torsten Preiss (and later with Bodea an Daivika). Slowly, just “Being” became a thread in my life that is still deepening further and further in my life.

At some point I met Michael Barnett, a “spiritual” teacher, stillness teacher, energy teacher or whatever you want to call him, and it was there that I felt at home for the first time. In spite of all the often difficult processes that revealed themselves to me there, I felt like a fish out of water and learned to tune in to the “cosmic energy” from which everything is built and which is freely available to everyone and contains enormous healing potential. There I remained active for many years until his passing a few years ago. It was with him that my interest in silence, oneness and non-duality first emerged, and I became particularly interested in how to live it in everyday life.

Meanwhile, I felt well enough again and started my own small-scale practice as a deep desire arose to support others on their own life path. At work, meanwhile, I was miraculously asked to start teaching meditation courses. With Michael I also met my partner Jutta who worked with a wonderful light healing technique of the ley lines in which we now also give many workshops together.

In the meantime, I had become fascinated by the phenomenon of reading and followed a three-year training with Ronald Vandepeppel, and a multi-year training at the Elohim Centre in the Netherlands with Joke, a wonderful energy place that is definitely worth a visit.

And yet other interesting wonderful people crossed and still cross my path such as Lut Vandevelde, Stefan Van Meirhaeghe, Mooji, Mother Meera , I carry them deep in my heart and I hereby apologise in advance for all those I forgot to mention….

Through the journey I have made and that I am still making, I sink deeper and deeper into my body, experience more the great stillness of the moment, my life energy flows more strongly, and I can feel and live through more and more who “I” really am at a deeper level (say on the soul and deeper layers). By releasing old energies and frequencies stored in the body and the associated patterns, convictions, reactions, emotions, thoughts and behaviours, the survival patterns can be released and I can reconnect more deeply with heart and gut. Connecting back to the natural inner strength, the deep feeling and the Great Silence present in every human being.  Connecting more and more with the paradise that this beautiful planet essentially is (and that you are too). With a divine blueprint or vibration that can be found in everything and everyone, that people recognise, for example, in nature, in a newborn baby or in people who already naturally vibrate a bit higher. And ultimately, of course, these are all mirrors of your true self that will show themselves until you no longer need a mirror. After all, the whole world is one big palace of mirrors to constantly remind you of who you really are. And yes, of course, some days this all goes a bit easier than others πŸ˜Š.It is the most beautiful but often not the easiest journey you can make in your life, but one day you have to walk it, because the universe is striving for awareness, love and unity, so why wait? And because I know this journey a bit from my point of view, I like to support people in their own journey of discovery, which of course can be completely different from mine, and completely at their own pace. You are welcome beautiful soul πŸ˜Š!