The Colours of your Soul

3 days


from24 January 2025 : 10:00
to26 January 2025 : 16:00

A deepening journey into your soul!


We embark on a journey exploring the deep layers of our inner world.

Our soul is like a kaleidoscope of colours – each tone and nuance represents an aspect of our lives.

Let’s dive into your soul’s colour palette together so that it can start shining in all the colours of the rainbow!

In this 3-day session, we take plenty of time to connect more deeply with the colours of your soul through lightwork.

Through ley line healing, constellation work, energetic exercises, sharing circles, mediation and more, we invite you to let go at your own pace of everything that is not love, so that your soul power may increasingly become your source of inspiration or red thread in everyday life.

And of course there is plenty of time to connect, exchange and enjoy with a wonderful group of people, sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a tear…

Please register via the link below. Practical: Saturday and Sunday run from 10am to 5pm, Sunday until 4pm. Bring your own lunch. In 3 languages (German, Dutch, English) but especially in the unique language of your soul!