Deep light activation through the gemini points

Ley lines evening


14 December 2023 : 19:30  -  22:00


The Gemini points are similar to soft light amplifiers used when something is not vibrating enough, too softly or too slowly in the body. For all seasonal conditions caused by a lack of light, the single connection between the Sirius-A point and the right Gemini point, held over a longer period of time, can energetically balance the deficit (e.g. as support for depressive symptoms during the low-light season). In other words, a powerful flow sequence to promote the overall flow of light!

After a short explanation, we start streaming right away. You will be sent the exercise afterwards. No prior knowledge is required, and for those who are new to this, it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with this healing energy.

If you have never participated in a ley line workshop before and would like to have a word of explanation beforehand, please indicate this at registration. We start directly with flows at 19h30.

Subscribe via [email protected] or via the registration form below. Voor further info you can call us at 0473791503. Bring your own bottle of water for during the break plse!