Activating the Manipura – Solar plexus

Ley lines evening


23 November 2023 : 19:30  -  22:00

During this evening, we will infuse your Manipura Chakra with healing light to put you more deeply in touch with your authentic power.


The Manipura or solar plexus chakra is an energetic power wheel burdened, among other things, by old, unprocessed events or by unconsciously absorbing other people’s energies throughout the day. The Manipura leylines scheme is a powerful dissolver of stored energies that brings you back into deeper contact with your authentic power.

After a short explanation, we start working with the scheme immediately. You will receive the exercise afterwards. No prior knowledge is required, and for those who are new to this, it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with this healing energy.

If you have never participated in a ley line workshop before and would like to have a word of explanation beforehand, please indicate this at registration. We start directly with flows at 19h30.

Subscribe via [email protected] of via the registration form below. For info, you can always call us directly at 0473791503. Please bring your own bottle of drink for during the break!