The Zohar Light Matrix

Ley lines evening


from15 February 2024 : 19:30
to15 February 2024 : 22:15

A deep nourishing bath of light!


From Book 2: “The Zohar Light Matrix, in an alchemical sense, restores everything that needs to be renewed from the radiant light. Everything that has lost its original power in the rhythm of creation is reconnected to the primal sound through this stream.”

Unlike a number of streams that focus mainly on bringing up and releasing old memories in the cells, the Zohar light matrix is a nourishing stream of the highest light that is generally experienced as deeply relaxing and nourishing. Actually not to be missed…

After a brief explanation, we will start streaming right away. You will receive the exercise afterwards. No prior knowledge is required, and for those who are new to this, it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with this healing energy.

If you have never participated in a ley line workshop before and would like to have a word of explanation beforehand, please indicate this at registration. We will start flowing immediately at 7.30pm.

Register via the registration form below. For further info, please call us directly at 0473791503. Please bring your own bottle of drink for during the break!