Bringing Light Within The Chakras (Weekend 2)

ley lines weekend


from12 October 2024 : 10:00
to13 October 2024 : 18:00

Experience the new ley lines chakra healing flow sequences!


During 2 weekends, we will flush the 7 main chakras with light using the new leylines healing currents. We will work through 4 chakras each weekend. The root chakra (unconscious fears, trust, safety, abundance of life energy) will be streamed on both weekends because it is still quite closed for many people.

The image below shows these chakras.

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When your chakras are not fully flowing because of unconscious memories in your cellular memory, you often struggle to connect with your deeper soul layers and desires, or to bring your dreams and deepest longings into the world. It can equally manifest in feeling like you are not getting ahead in your life, in emotions, limiting beliefs, even illness, and many other ways.

People with a good light circulation live their soul mission, and live both their power and their sensitivity, which are integrated in a fluid movement. They live from positivity, abundance and possibilities, and have processed and left behind limiting beliefs and heavy-feeling emotions and thought patterns.

This series includes 2 weekends that can be followed separately. If you are following the 2 weekends then register for the 2 weekends simultaneously as you will be entitled to a substantial discount:

  • Weekend 1 (31/08 and 01/09) takes place at Place D’amis in Antwerp. There we flow through the root chakra (chakra 1), the Solar Plexus (Chakra 3), the throat chakra (chakra 5) and the crown chakra (chakra 7).
  • Weekend 2 (12/10 and 13/10) takes place in Allenberg (Scherpenheuvel). There we flow the root chakra (chakra 1), the sacral chakra (chakra 2), the heart chakra (chakra 4) and the forehead chakra (chakra 6)

Practical: We start at 10am and finish around 5pm (sometimes a little later to complete a running stream sequence). On Sunday 13 October, there will be elections and we will start and finish an hour later so that those who want to can go and vote. (From 11am to 6pm, that is). We will provide drinks and refreshments during the break, do bring your own lunch!

You can register via the link below. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us!